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Our highly consultative search engine optimization services include link building, on-page optimization, content development creation and more.

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We take a holistic look at Social Media strategy including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and industry specific social networks to come up with a campaign that works for you.

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Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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How To Make A Gif In A Jiffy – A Thunder Tutorial

The gif, also known as Graphics Interchange Format, has been around since 1987 and has never stopped being the go-to media type for internet connoisseurs (geeks). It may have taken a backseat to other…
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Haters Gonna Hate: Responding to Negative Social Feedback

Social media pages give you the option to like, favorite, retweet, share, and +1 posts you enjoy. With all of these positive options, you’d think it would be impossible to ever receive negative feedback,…
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Founder's Corner

Founder’s Corner #12: 3 Tips for Building Culture with Rick Backus

I had the opportunity to visit with Rick Backus, Co-Founder & CEO of CPC Strategy in San Diego, about his three tips for building culture and a great company overall. I think Rick hits…
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A Look on the Bright Side: Losing a Thunder Cat

I wish it weren’t true, but breaking up is hard to do. I’ve been working my love at Thunder for over five years now, so it’s fair to say I’ve seen a few Cats…
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There’s No Such Thing As Luck. Just Good Content Marketing.

I’m a firm believer in this month’s theme of “Make Your Own Luck”. Yes, success can be defined as a lot of work plus a dash of good karma, but I’m of the opinion…
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Online Marketing Tools | Pubcon 2014 Recap

On March 18th, I was lucky enough to speak at Pubcon NOLA in the Big Easy! In my role as a Social Media Specialist for Thunder SEO, I am constantly looking for the newest…
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You’ve Got the Golden Ticket: Leveraging Social Media for Events

When Mr. Willy Wonka gave out his Golden Tickets, the whole world was clamoring to get one. If that happened today, there would be trending hashtags, Golden Ticket selfies and more! Too bad he…
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Earning Links, Not Building Links | SMX West 2014 Recap

On March 12th, I made my triumphant return to SMX West to speak on the “Earning Links, Not Building Links” panel. During my presentation, I shared 4 steps for creating a content strategy worthy…
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8 Secrets for Getting Outreach Content Published Faster

Contributing to blogs, news sites and industry magazines isn’t anything new and it’s not going away even after the statement Matt Cutts said about guest blogging. That’s because guest blogging isn’t dead, being a…
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Founder's Corner

Founder’s Corner #11: Do You Know Your Team’s Goals?

Goals. Daily we read about them, talk about them, hear how important they are and, more often than not, wonder why we don’t set more of them ourselves. I know this from experience all…
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