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Our highly consultative search engine optimization services include link building, on-page optimization, content development creation and more.

Social Media

We take a holistic look at Social Media strategy including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and industry specific social networks to come up with a campaign that works for you.

Local Search

Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Thunder SEO Team

Founder's Corner

Founder's Corner #2: Five Things I Can Do Right Now

Building a business or accomplishing anything takes focus. It also takes ongoing work. Sometimes the reality of ongoing work can take over and we lose focus. Personally, I know this has happened when I…
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Matching Content to Customer Needs

Spring Into Your Customers’ Open Hands: Matching Mobile Content to Customer Needs

If there’s one catchphrase internet marketers are sick of hearing about by now, it’s content marketing. And if there’s a second catchphrase, it’s mobile marketing. And if you’ve been following our blog posts this…
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WordCamp 2013

Code, Content & Cat Memes | Wordcamp San Diego 2013

It was a beautiful day to be at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in downtown San Diego for WordCamp. Web developers, designers, bloggers, and consultants mingled around the modernist lobby of the third…
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A Look into Productivity Evangelism at Thunder | Here’s How We Sprang Into Action

In the spirit of “breathing new life into work,” we launched an “internal cause” of productivity evangelism back in January that we’re just now starting to see the impact of, including what we’ve learned…
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Brands Using Vine to Break Through the Clutter

6 Seconds of Fame: 11 Ways Brands are Using Vine to Break Through the Clutter

In January, Twitter launched an awesome app called Vine, and it’s slowly becoming our go-to visual sharing service (sorry Instagram!) of choice. Vine lets you create 6 second videos that continuously loop, putting every…
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Social Media Sweepstakes

Put a Spring in Your Step With a Social Media Sweepstakes

Is your business’s social media presence feeling a little stale? Maybe you have a decent amount of fans and followers, but very little interaction? One of the best ways to pump some life into…
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Spring Cleaning Your Website

Spring Cleaning Your Website: 5 Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect Resolutions

This Sunday, most of the country (except those pesky Zonies) will celebrate one of my least-favorite holidays: Daylight Saving Time. While I'm mostly bummed about losing an hour of sleep, there is a bright…
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Founder's Corner

Founder's Corner #1: May The Support Be With You

In honor of Thunder’s first newsletter, I’m devoting my first Founder’s Corner post to something I often tell people who are starting their first business (I think there’s a theme emerging here). When starting…
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