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Our highly consultative search engine optimization services include link building, on-page optimization, content development creation and more.

Social Media

We take a holistic look at Social Media strategy including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and industry specific social networks to come up with a campaign that works for you.

Local Search

Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Analyze and Plan Your Content Effectively With Google Analytics

This week, as we wrap up our month long series on Analytics (check out uno y dos y tres!), we’re going to dive into the world of content development and how we can use…
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Keeping Tabs on Content Performance

Over the years, we’ve all been told that in order to rank in the search engines, we need to create “quality content.” A bit of a vague direction, but our industry has run with…
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Using UTM Parameters to Track Your Social Media Promotion

As part of Analytics Month on Thunder’s blog (don’t forget to check out part uno y dos!), I’m going to walk through a couple social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are imperative to…
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The San Diego SEO Meetup Recap: Video Marketing & YouTube SEO

A few weeks ago, Monique & I had a blast hosting the 2nd installment of the San Diego SEO Meetup event at 98 Bottles in Little Italy. We had a great turnout of online…
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Life In A [Not Provided] World – What’s Going On?

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Save Time and Dig Deeper Using Advanced Segments

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve used Google Analytics to measure or report on a site’s performance. Analytics is a great tool that is almost necessary these days if you own a site,…
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We’re Hiring! Thunder’s Online Marketing Internship Program Winter 2012

Learn Organic Search & Social Media Online Marketing And Work On Real Campaigns!
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Top 5 Factors in Infographic Design to Earn More Links

Today, creating and promoting infographics has become a very popular SEO strategy. A well-designed infographic, which visually introduces new knowledge, will not only generate traffic and build buzz, but also attract links from a…
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The Best of the Thunder SEO Blog 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s only natural to take a moment and review the work we’ve done, the links we’ve built, and the progress we’ve made throughout the year. By far, the…
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5 Ways to Use Advanced Search Operators to be Better at Google

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for what seems to be a needle in a haystack. You type your search query in Google, scan the 10 blue links, hit the next page, scan again, then give up and go back to the drawing board. But what if there were an easier way? What if you could search a keyword and have Google give you everything you ever wanted? Well, my friends, welcome to the wonderful world of advanced search operators.
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