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Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Evergreen Content, which should really be called Deciduous Content

Last week, I saw Rand Fishkin speak at Interactive Day San Diego about how inbound marketing is an unfair advantage. To be honest, most of the material is not new to me, but he did remind me about some things that we aren’t doing for our clients that we should. One of the easier ones to implement, but too often overlooked is the idea of Evergreen Content.
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Five Ways to Turn Boring Services Pages Into Link-Worthy Content

So you’ve got a services-based business and a website that’s been around for a little while. Your site’s already got a bunch of inbound links to the home page, which ranks great for your…
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SEO in 2011: What’s Working, What’s Not & Where to Focus

Next week I’ll be presenting on SEO In 2011: What’s Working, What’s Not at SMX Advanced in London (sorry I missed the wedding, but glad to be at SMX in London!), in which I’ll…
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More than the sum of their parts: 5 SEO Tools that work better together

I’ll admit, you can do good SEO without fancy tools. However, when you are at an agency managing multiple SEO accounts and have keywords, links and blog posts flying through your head all day you really need some tools to help with efficiency. I have found a set of tools I work with every day that practically do my job for me. Each of these tools is good all on its own, but together they make a killer SEO combo. 

1. Firefox with a few Add-ons

What is it good for? To find issues with websites & on-page optimization.
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Blogosphere Lessons: Why You Should Can the Canned Content.

It’s really no secret that we’re fans of unique, compelling content at Thunder.
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“You’d Be A Fool Not To Fool” | April Fool’s Day Link Building

Two weeks ago I experienced my first April Fools as an SEO. This year, unlike last year, I knew ahead of time & excitedly kept an eye out for any & all tomfoolery I could find. After spending a decent amount of time through out the day searching, reading & seeing the sheer volume of pranks being pulled across the web.
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A Look Into Link Building at Thunder SEO

With my recent move into business development for Thunder SEO, I’ve been starting to think more granularly about the online marketing services that we offer, why we offer them, and how those services get…
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Book Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets

I just finished Danny Dover & Erik Dafforn‘s new book Search Engine Optimization Secrets last night. I must say, “Wow!” This is the single most thorough resource to take an SEO from beginner to intermediate/advanced overnight. He has listed some major gems in the book; I have bookmarked nearly 20 pages that contain little tricks I wasn’t aware of until now.
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Social Media in Natural Disasters

Social media is without a doubt changing how we communicate & it has been for sometime. From keeping in contact with friends, interacting with companies, donating to charities, sharing information, consuming media, & getting up to the second news updates from around the world. It was and still is pivotal in the uprising throughout the Middle East as the world get the news nearly instantaneously from those living it.
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Rand Fishkin’s InfusionCon Presentation and Post-Panda UGC

Presenter and SEO-ambassador extraordinaire Rand Fishkin uploaded his SEO presentation for InsuionCon early this week. Consise, insightful and cutting-edge as always, his presentation covers the 10 basic steps to great SEO, and illustrates these…
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