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Lead Tracking: Setting up Google Analytics for Smart Tracking of Form Submits

We’ve all faced the question of whether an online campaign is "really" working. Or, another version of the same question is "What is the campaign’s ROI?" With the exception of ecommerce sites, most companies determine whether or not a campaign is working (or ROI) based on how many leads are generated. By "leads," I mean phone calls or form submisssions.

We get this question enough that I’m going to devote several posts to how to track non-ecommerce leads. In this post I’ll focus on form submissions.
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Facebook SEO: Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page for Ultimate Search Engine Visibility

So you created your business’ Facebook fan page. What now? How do you market it? What’s the next step? Although Facebook features, like News Feed stories, invitations, and page suggestions all help spread the word on your fan page to users around Facebook, sometimes these tools just aren’t enough. Optimizing your fan page for the search engines can help attract more fans, aid in online reputation management, and also increase brand awareness. Here are a few obvious and not-so-obvious ways that you can tweak your page to get maximum visibility in the search engines.
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Ready to rumble: Thunder SEO gets a new look

If you haven’t yet noticed, we have a new website! Website redesigns are a long process, and many times they aren’t done for the right reasons. Most people do it for aesthetic purposes because they get bored with the look of their old site. That’s not always a good reason to do a redesign. We took it much further than an aesthetic update and upgraded our architecture, CMS, look and functionality.
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Website in Review: What to optimize on a local website

We spend a lot of time doing local search, and have worked with countless web developers and varying types of websites. We find ourselves asking developers the same things over and over again. We recently came up with a Local Search Site Overview Checklist to pass on to clients and developer friends so they know all of the items we require before we start working with them. This saves both us and our clients a lot of headache when starting a local search campaign.
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Stickybits – The Newest Addition to Your Social Media Tool Box

Internet Week 2010 is in full swing in New York City and Pepsi Co, wanting to show their social media and internet savvy, will be hiding videos, pictures and links on the UPC bar codes of their products. Users can take pictures of the bar codes using a smartphone app, view the content and then have the ability to tag their own content on to the bar code. After they tag their own video to the bar code, who ever scans it next will see their content as well the original content.
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Music & Social Media Collide to Create Euphoria: A View from Inside SXSW

As South by Southwest draws to a close leaving a plethora of leather clad music lovers and tech geeks stepping onto planes off to their various homes miles away from Austin, Texas, I am left to digest what I have encountered over the past seven days. From the interactive conference that was held March 12-16, onto the music and film portion that continued until the 21st, I have been to countless parties, panels and shows.
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Website once-over – 5 red flags that scream “I’m going to give you SEO nightmares!”

Watch out for these red flags (red flag) when starting SEO for a new website. Certain problems can give you SEO nightmares, but not-to-worry, as most of the problems have fairly straightforward solutions.
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A Social Media Marketing Unveiling

Seven Veils of Twitter
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Thunder SEO Presentation from Drupal SandCamp San Diego

A big THANKS to SandCamp San Diego, Drupal and everyone who attended our SEO presentation this past Sunday at SandCamp’s Drupal conference at Balboa Park! The presentation was originally set to cover SEO and Social Media, but we only got part way through the SEO. Next time we’ll see if we can schedule more time for deeper SEO analysis and Social Media too!
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Do Facebook and Twitter Links Help a Site’s Google Rankings?

Last week Matt Cutts posted a video response on the Google Webmaster Central Channel to the question, "How do you rate links from new platforms like Twitter, FB to a website?"  Along with clearing up any mis-perceptions about for how long he’s staying "bald" (see why), Cutts gives the low-down on how Google treats links from Facebook and Twitter, as well as links from .Edu and .Gov sites.
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