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Ranking Reports Obsolete + How to Prioritize Guest Blogging Prospects

Submitted on 2/4/2011 by Monique Pouget

Ohh Conrad Saam, you are amazing. Last year, Max attended (and spoke!) at SMX East, and was super inspired by Conrad’s presentation about rank reports. So much in fact that we changed the entire way we do our monthly reports at Thunder. Why? Because rank reports aren’t accurate anymore. There’s personalization, which shows different results based on where you live (read: where your IP address is) and what you have searched for before. Additionally, local search results have been put through the ringer lately, and rank reports don’t take map results, images, and news into account. What’s more, rank report software isn’t good at picking up variations of keywords, and agencies that focus on keyword rankings are propbably in the business of spammy link building. Check out this insightful post, and come to the realization that rank reports are so 2010!

Gust blogging is not a new SEO concept, but it’s getting talked about a lot right now as an easy way to get high quality in-content links. But, like anything, this time-consuming process can be optimized to make it an easy and efficient part of any SEO’s link building toolset. This guest post by Ken Lyons on Ontolo’s blog breaks down what you should look for in a guest blog prospect in order to get the most link juice for your buck. Through a combination of manual review and some features on Ontolo’s tool, before you reach out for a guest post, make sure your prospect links to their author using the dofollow tag, they permit anchor text for the links, how liberal they are with bio and in content-links, and how old blog posts get archived on their site. He even gives some sneaky tips on how to still squeeze some link juice out of a guest blog prospect that doesn’t allow linking to the author’s own site. Ken concludes by advising to use these filters to “score” your link prospects and prioritize your outreach efforts based upon the score. Pretty smart idea!

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