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5 Ways to Use Video to Brew Engagement

Submitted on 2/22/2013 by Shawn Massie

If you've been following along with our blog this month, you'll know that we're discussing different ways you can promote yourself or your business online in a natural way that “earns the love” of others. To be honest, this phrase could mean a lot of things really. Inbound links from peers, social mentions from followers or fans and even acquisition of new customers could be considered as earning love.

Well today I cover how online video has been used by breweries to do all of the above! The examples in the video below show how these businesses are either interacting with their customers or providing real value to them and in turn benefitting from people talking about their brands. They're not reaching out asking for links and they're not offering anything in exchange for participation. It's just brands giving their customers what they want Рan inside look at the business and a place for  everyone to come together online.

Video Transcription

Welcome to the first video blog post of 2013 for Thunder SEO. My name is
Shawn Massie. I am the Director of Search and Social Media here at Thunder
SEO. I'm joined today actually by Monique Pouget, our Director of Content
Marketing. Cheers.

Today we're going to be talking about five ways to use video to brew
engagement, using five video channels you may have heard of or haven't
heard of yet. We're going to be talking about how breweries are using them
to uniquely promote their business and gain new customers.

Starting with YouTube, a channel you've probably heard of before, it's owned
by Google, so it's always included in search results. YouTube is a great
place for you to post videos of anything you really want, and traditionally
you might have thought about YouTube as a place where people promote their
home videos. But businesses that really understand YouTube are doing a
great job of gaining new business.

Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon is a great example of how they are using a
branded channel on YouTube to really promote themselves. They have videos
of what goes behind the beer, who are the founders and what is the culture
like at Rogue. One of the great things I really like about them is how they
use an office mixologist to have fun in their videos. They have a news
station as well. A mixologist shows how they use their Rogue Dead Guy Ale
mixed with a whiskey. They just have some fun in the video, and it really
does do a lot to show the personality behind the business.

The second one is Vimeo. Vimeo is a great place to post your videos. It's
similar to YouTube. However, the difference is that the audience is a
little bit more artistic and professional. People share videos they like on
Vimeo, and it's a great place to explore and discover new places.

If your customers don't go to Vimeo however, you can use Vimeo to embed it
on your site. It has a slick looking player. So does YouTube, but Vimeo
looks a little bit better. It's great for HD videos and embeds on a blog or
on your site really well. A great job of someone who does this is Lost
Abbey. Lost Abbey does an amazing job really showing holiday events, what
went behind the beers that they're currently making, and just kind of gives
you a view into the behind the scenes at Lost Abbey. It just really looks
good on their site.

The third thing we're going to talk about is Google+ Hangout. Now this is a
fairly new addition to Google. Hangouts generally, at first they look like
you were just going to hang out with your internal office mates when you
wanted to do a video chat and talk about a project. However, now businesses
and people are actually using Google+ Hangout to have public videos where
you can interact live with your business.

So Stone Brewery here in Escondido and Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware
actually put a hangout together where they talked about Saison du BUFF, one
of their newest beers. It was a collaboration beer that they worked on with
Victory Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. They had people use a hashtag.
HangBUFF was the hashtag. Chat questions on Twitter. They could put live
questions into the Google+ hangout. People were able to ask actual
questions to Greg Koch of Stone and Sam Calagione of Dogfish, who would
answer those questions right there live on the video. It was pretty cool
actually, and I would invite you check that out.

The thing is that Google+ hangouts can be public or private. So if you
don't want anyone to join your hangout, but just view it later, you can use
Google+ to record yourselves. I would mention that all three of these
really could be free for you, so they are great channels to really not
spend that much money on and still get a lot of bang for zero bucks.

Livestream is the fourth one I want to talk about. Livestream is great
because you can integrate with Facebook. Stone Brewing Company did a great
job of this by showing their Vertical Epic Ale series that they brew once a
year. They started in '02 and they went through 12/12/12. The series was a
tasting that they all did around the table at Stone Bistro and Gardens in
Escondido. They invited other industry peers, brewers, and some people, who
were involved in the process, to come taste all of the 12 beers that they
had aged since 12/12/12. Cool.

Fans of Stone could interact with them on their Facebook feed without even
having to log into Livestream. So people were able to just log onto
Facebook, see this live event, and start chatting with them. Actually, Lee
Chase of Blind Lady Alehouse, the owner, who was the former head brewer of
Stone, was tweeting on his phone during the whole event. You could
actually ask questions to Lee, and he was kind of tweeting back as he was
talking about the beers on camera.

The fifth one I want to talk about is Vine. We don't see any breweries
really using this yet. Not a lot of businesses actually, because it's
fairly brand new. It's owned by Twitter, but the great thing about Vine is
that it's almost like a GIF with sound. It's a six second video that you
can just take with your phone, and you can post it anywhere on your site.
Like Vimeo, it embeds very well because it's just a moving GIF. We think
it's great. It's free, and you could really just tell a lot in a six second
video or just record a couple of them. Like I said, it's really easy to
produce. There is nothing stopping you.

That basically are our five recommendations. As a bonus, I would talk about
how you could use Wistia, a player that you could, for free, I think you
get three videos. You can embed those videos on your site so that your site
is found for some of the videos that you are talking about. Instead of
YouTube or Vimeo or other things being found, your actual site will be the
one ranking.

I do want to quickly put on my beer goggles. Let's just pretend I've been
drinking this whole time. Hopefully, you have if you've been drinking
quickly. I know I've probably been rambling on. But I thank you for
watching my five ways to use video to brew engagement. Hopefully you can
get your business off the ground or get kicking on these right now by just
quickly checking out any of these five channels. Thank you.

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