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Using Social Media to Help Your Small Business Grow

Submitted on 1/24/2011 by Monique Pouget

Last week, I was asked to present at the SCORE Women’s Networking Breakfast. They requested that I briefly cover some of the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as discuss a variety of ways small business owners could use these platforms to help their company grow. Since a lot of my job here at Thunder focuses on building an online presence through social media, I jumped at the opportunity to guide these professional ladies in the right direction.

After my presentation, I got some great feeback from the audience members, and it was wonderful to hear questions like “Should we use our personal profiles to promote our business or setup a fan page?” “What can I put on my YouTube channel?” and “You talked a lot about B2C, but what about B2B?”. This topic also gave me a chance to get up on my soap box about the number of fans/followers vs. engagement, Facebook ads, and the importance of providing insightful updates to your community. It was also fun to talk about YT cat videos and the power of customers marketing for you (my favorite slide of the deck is the one about black soot on blinds!).

After I was finished, I got some lovely compliments, but the best by far was this comment: ”We can tell you really love what you do.” That’s the greatest thing about my job, and I couldn’t agree more! Pursue your passions, and the rest will fall in place.

I’ve attached the presentation I gave below since some expressed interest in having a copy to review later. Download away and let’s get social!!

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