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Writing a Blog: Tips on Blogging

Submitted on 9/1/2010 by Mike Grant

Most likely if you are here reading this blog, you’ll surely know how to describe a blog, but a lot of us are at different levels of understanding and learning. So, if you give me a moment I’ll give you a brief explanation of a blog. A Blog is a website, or a page within a website where site relevant articles, some long and some short, are posted on a regular basis and in reverse chronological order. The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web blog,’ and when someone maintains writing a blog it’s called blogging. See? Pretty easy.

For the most part, I enjoy reading other blogs, and once I find one with a consistent voice I’m hooked. It’s like finding a good author. Here are some tips on blogging I’ve picked up along the way to make your blog posts great.

  • Give your opinion. Let your readers know where you stand, while being consistent in your writing style.
  • Keep your posts shorter. 250-300 words are great. If you have more to say, consider a two or even three-part series.
  • Include lists whenever possible (just like I’m doing now).
  • Be ‘keyword-rich.’ What keywords do people search for and make sure they are in your header and text. Don’t over use though.
  • Create links that post with other pages on your site, or other credible sites where you’ve gleaned your information. This can give credibility to your blog post.
  • Respond to relevant questions or comments in a thoughtful manner.

And remember, if you build it, link it, and make it easy to search for, they will come to it.

One Response to “Writing a Blog: Tips on Blogging”

  1. Joshua Mintz says:

    Love your site- VERY HELPFUL. Do you have an RSS Feed I could use? I would love to stream your content to my site, I really think that using good, quality RSS feed’s are a great way to put constantly changing content onto your blog- thats a good thing right?

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