SEO Services

Our highly consultative search engine optimization services include link building, on-page optimization, content development creation and more.

Social Media

We take a holistic look at Social Media strategy including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and industry specific social networks to come up with a campaign that works for you.

Local Search

Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Thunder SEO is an inbound marketing agency based in San Diego, California. We specialize in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Local Search Services.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of increasing search engine rankings for keywords that describe a company’s product or service as well as a company’s brand name(s). Compared to other online channels, the primary distinction is that SEO is focused on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As online marketing matures, the lines between search, social media and other channels are blurring.

Keyword Research

All SEO campaigns start with keyword research. This tells us not only what keywords people search for, but also the total search volume numbers. Our keyword research includes the “long tail,” which enables us to target not only the high-traffic terms, but also the niche terms that may have lower search volumes but typically result in a more targeted prospect. While keyword research used to focus primarily on quantity, we now take into account the new and changing ways that people search, such as Google recommended searches, related search terms and local search results. All of these have a definite impact on behavior in regard to how people search.

On-Page Optimization

Page titles, description tags, headers, keyword density…these all used to have noticeable impact on a page’s rankings. Now, it’s less about getting the right number of keywords on a page, and more about making sure a website has well-organized content, clear linking structure and indexable content. We start every client with a full SEO review of their website, looking at on-page elements and code.

Campaign Strategy

Every campaign starts with defining the primary goal. This might be new leads, brand extension or capturing lost prospects and sales. We then evaluate how the online strategy integrates and/or supports our client’s overall marketing strategy. This process typically involves the coordination of multiple groups including marketing, sales and operations. Given the increasingly important role of online marketing, we find it is crucial to bring all interests together as soon as possible. Out of this process comes a strategy that drives the SEO, website, content and blog, online messaging, social media and other online channels.

Social Media

Social media: We’ve all heard the buzz word before, but what does it mean? You know you have to get involved, but aren’t exactly sure how to get your feet wet. Having a social media presence is more important than ever, and Thunder SEO can help you get started or take your profiles to the next level.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention, generates online conversations, and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. The message spreads quickly and resonates because it is coming from a trusted source, rather than the brand or company itself.

Every social media initiative involves a mix of generating leads, brand monitoring and customer service management. We work with our clients to determine the best Social Media Marketing strategy, whether that’s implementing multiple stages of sweepstakes or supporting small giveaways. Over time, new campaigns inevitably split naturally between lead generation, customer service, and customer retention. We work with our clients to support that transition in regard to their social media profiles as well as helping organize internal resources to support sales and customer service.
Your customers are already talking about you, so why not join the discussion? Thunder SEO can help you research and learn what’s relevant to your audience and give you guidance about getting involved in that conversation.

Our social media review and analysis includes the following:

A current review of the social media profiles and assets, which defines the target audience and determines how that audience utilizes social media.

  • Providing an overview of social media opportunities for your businesses, as well as strategy recommendations for how to best approach social media guidelines, day-to-day tactics, monitoring and tracking.
  • Making sure your site is optimized well for social media so that is is more easily linked to, more highly visible in social media searches, and more frequently included in relevant posts on blogs and other similar social media channels.
  • Development of company-wide, enterprise-level social media strategy standards, as well as in-person or webinar social media training and monitoring tool recommendations.
  • Working in tandem with clients to execute social media sweepstakes and campaigns.
  • Custom social media reporting with powerful visuals that track clicks, traffic, increases in fans or followers, and brand mentions.

Local Search

Ranking in the Google, Yahoo! and Bing map results has become one of the strongest sources of new leads for local businesses. Thunder SEO has over three years experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.

With the rise of Google + Local (aka Google Maps), mobile devices and other location-based services (LBS), local search has exploded in popularity and complexity in recent months. At Thunder SEO, we’re able to identify the best course of action for you, whether that means ranking a new listing, cleaning up incorrect listings (which can drag down rankings), developing a multi-city campaign or focusing on dominating one geographic location.
At Thunder SEO, we work with individual companies, such as automotive repair, doctors and dentists, as well as national businesses with multiple locations, like law firms, packing and shipping companies, apartment buildings, corporate housing and more.
We take an integrated approach to local search that includes:

  • Analysis of current website rankings and brand’s online footprint.
  • Keyword research and optimization of local directory and Google Places listings.
  • Review and revision of on-page local search elements.
  • Aggressive directory and citation listings campaigns.
  • Strategic inbound links for organic listings results.
  • Online review campaigns.
  • Local search ranking and brand mentions monitoring.