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Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Max Thomas

Founder & CEO


Max Thomas, Thunder’s founder and president, was early to the Web, starting his first online ecommerce venture in 1997. Since then he has a proven track-record of developing online and search marketing strategies for building online audiences and sustainable revenue for clients.

With over 20 years direct experience across multiple market segments including ecommerce, online newspapers, health services, consumer goods and travel/leisure, Max has managed online and offline advertising campaigns for companies such as,,,,, Sheraton Hotels, Chemical Bank and Bankers Trust.

Part Kaw, Max’s tribal name is Lomanyin, which translates as “walking thunder”, hence the name of Thunder SEO. Max is a 5-finger runner who enjoys long trail runs and hikes anywhere in the world. Max is also blessed to have shared his life for 18 years now with his life partner Gabriel Masson. Originally from Louisiana, Max and Gabe moved to sunny San Diego from NYC.

Max has a B.A. from Columbia University and a M.B.A. from Yale University’s School of Management.

Say “hi” to Max on Twitter, and Instagram.

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Monique Pouget

Director of Marketing


Monique Pouget graduated from San Diego State University in 2008 with a B.S. in Business Marketing and a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications. Highlights from her college days include studying abroad in Italy, Belch’s IMC class, and graduating Cum Laude with distinction in her marketing courses.

Upon graduation, Monique interned at a local website design agency, where her love for all things interactive grew into a passion for online marketing. She started working for Thunder SEO in October 2008, and has seen the agency and clients prosper beyond her wildest expectations. Her specialties include content marketing strategy, social media marketing and blogger outreach. Monique also thoroughly enjoys attending and speaking at industry conferences, and believes learning must be pursued daily.

When she’s not behind her two monitors keeping clients happy, Monique can be found riding her bicycle, collaborating with creatives, traveling the world, touring craft breweries and blogging at Geek Squeak.

Monique can be reached at monique [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and .

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Shawn Massie

Director of Search and Business Development


Shawn Massie graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 with a B.S. in Management specializing in International Business. Working throughout his education, Shawn was part of a successful company in the meetings and event industry that managed hundreds of sales associates in over 60 countries. It was here that he began to take an interest in SEO and marketing and soon after he was managing multiple websites and campaigns across different cultures.

Shawn joined Thunder SEO in September 2011 and came on as Senior Online Marketer. He enjoys working with clients and helping their business grow but also occasionally likes diving into search analytics.

During his travel Shawn had the chance to try many different foods and this led him to start writing a food blog on the side which you can follow at When he’s not searching the town for new places to eat, he enjoys outdoor sports like sand volleyball and brewing his own beer.

Shawn can be reached at shawn [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find him on Twitter and Google+.

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Georgia Hitchcock

Director of Social Media


Georgia Hitchcock graduated from San Diego State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Journalism and a minor in Television, Film, and Media. She worked in the radio promotions industry from 2009-2010 for the San Diego radio station, 91X, furthering her passion for music of all genres. A few of her favorite bands include: the Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Incubus, and, obviously, the Beatles.

Georgia started working for Thunder SEO in October 2010 and specializes in content development and PR. She recently worked for the local San Diego brewery, Karl Strauss, and enjoyed furthering her craft beer and SEO knowledge simultaneously. She believes IPA and SEO go hand-in-hand, but only after hours, of course!

In her free time, Georgia enjoys traveling, reading, going to concerts, hiking, and camping. She is obsessed with all things Harry Potter and Disney and her favorite holiday is Halloween. She lives with her boyfriend, Tom, and their dog, Dart, in San Diego. You can read Georgia’s musings on life, beer, music, and more at

Georgia can be reached at georgia [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and Google+.

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Phoebe Wong

Director of Design


Phoebe Wong is a graphic designer at Thunder SEO where she manages all aspects of the company creative design. She received her B.A. in Graphic Design at San Diego State University in 2011 where she gained skills and interest in typography, photography and infographic design.

Prior to joining Thunder SEO, Phoebe worked at a well-known inforgraphc design studio in Newport beach and a leading non-profit high-tech trade organization in San Diego.

When Phoebe is not in the office, she enjoys travelling, badminton and playing music.

Phoebe can be reached at phoebe [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Beth Demmon

Content Manager


After many years of being a stereotypical indoor kid growing up near Washington, D.C. (reading non-stop, peering into my microscope, and playing computer games), I earned a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and promptly moved to San Diego with my (now) husband. I started copywriting and marketing for an art company and eventually became a ThunderCat in 2013!

When I’m not trekking to Machu Picchu, visiting my family on the East Coast, or home brewing beer with my dude, I’m usually visiting the latest San Diego craft brewery or making salsa at Salsacraft.

Beth can be reached at beth [at] thunderseo [dot] com or you can find her on and Google+.

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Nicole Grodesky

Senior Outreach Specialist

Nicole Grodesky

Originally from the oldest European settlement in the United States, St. Augustine Florida, Nicole moved out to San Diego at the age of 18 to pursue her dream of competing as a professional surfer. She worked her way up the amateur ranks and eventually started competing on the World Qualifying Series (WQS) tour. After pursuing her competitive surfing dreams, Nicole graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications. Since graduating, she has partnered up with a friend to develop an online magazine for women in action sports and co founded DYLA Magazine. During the process of developing the website, Nicole learned all about content management systems (Drupal specifically), search engine optimization, social media integration, and user friendly web design. You can view her personal website at

Nicole can be reached at nicole [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and .

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Lindsay Mineo

Senior Search Specialist


Lindsay graduated from the University of California, San Diego, in 2007 with a B.A. in Writing, wrapping up a lengthy internship with San Diego Family Magazine. She couldn’t bear to leave San Diego after graduating, so she wrote a training program for a local restaurant group and entered the world of social marketing. Her favorite experiences have been driving buses, getting published, making friends with rhinos and giraffes working at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, starting two blogs, and running 4 half-marathons.

In 2012 Lindsay joined Thunder and helps clients create a social online presence. She is fascinated by what she learns in the constantly changing world of SEO.

Outside the office, Lindsay loves living in vibrant North Park, within walking distance of amazing food and beer venues. At home she cooks (nacho Wednesdays!), writes, and hangs with her rotten cat Chloe, who begs for – and then snubs – food and cuddles. Lindsay’s food adventures can be found at we should be fat, and her usually sarcastic thoughts at the snarky writer.

Lindsay can be reached at lindsay [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and Google+.

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Frank Quattrocchi

Search Specialist


Frank Quattrocchi, a Search & Content Specialist at Thunder, graduated from San Diego State University in 2008 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish. Upon graduating, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he taught English as a Second Language, fine-tuned his Spanish, wrote short stories and flash fiction about what he experienced, started cooking every day, and saved enough pesos to travel Brazil and Uruguay. His experiences south of the equator would provide material and inspiration for his first novel, which he is currently working on in his free time.

After returning to California, he taught high school Spanish and English, coached football and golf, and served as a tutor for LA-area children whose parents did not speak English. While teaching, he started a short-lived catering business that blended Argentine and traditional cuisine, and then a dried-foods business that concocted various combinations of dried fruit and chocolate. He started taking classes toward his MBA to understand why his businesses failed, and what he can do in the future to be successful.

Frank has played guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and has written lyrics for a variety of bands since he was 17. Outside the office, you can find Frank hiking the San Diego backcountry, brewing beer, reading a book, cooking, writing his novel, playing music, practicing yoga with his girlfriend, or listening to Steely Dan records. He is a die-hard Lakers and SDSU Aztecs fan.

Frank can be reached at frank [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find him on Twitter and Google+.

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Kelly Kauffman

Social Media Specialist


A recent San Diego State University graduate, Kelly Kauffman received a degree in Journalism Media Studies with a minor in Television, Film, and Media. Through some of her Media Studies classes, she became interested in the world of social media and decided to pursue it as a career. She completed a social media internship with Meals-On-Wheels San Diego in February 2012, where she worked on building up their social presence and helped them integrate social media channels like Pinterest into their annual Bootlegger’s Ball event.

After her first internship, Kelly wanted to grow her social media expertise, and started interning for Thunder SEO in late August 2012, and joined our team full time in 2013. She has been learning a lot through her co-workers as a social media and content marketing intern, and loving the Thunder Cats! Kelly aspires to learn and help as much as she can while she is here.

When she’s not in the office, Kelly enjoys being a major film buff, reading a few sci-fi novels and browsing Tumblr.

Kelly can be reached at kellyk [@] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can follow her on Twitter!

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Ashley Ward

Social Media Specialist


While studying journalism at Humboldt State University, I realized the increasing importance of social networking and branding for businesses. Upon graduating, I switched gears, combining my writing and journalism skills with my knowledge of branding to create social media platforms for businesses.

Here at Thunder I help keep businesses stay connected, build new connections and spread their unique message to the world.

When I am not trying to think of the next innovative branding idea, I am keeping busy exploring San Diego, entertaining my new puppy or planning my next adventure.

Ashley can be reached at ashley [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Google+.

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Amy Budzynski

Social Media Specialist


After completing two internships and earning a degree in Journalism and Media Studies with an Emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Sociology from San Diego State University, I began my professional career at a full-service advertising agency here in San Diego. While I gained extensive knowledge in various forms of advertising, everything from TV commercials to print ads, I found that I was most interested in the online realm of marketing, particularly social media.

When I saw a job opening for a Social Media Specialist at Thunder, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me. I’m happy to have become part of the team in 2013. When I’m not working you can find me reading, longboarding, playing with photo editing apps, watching SDSU basketball games, thrift shopping and eating Mexican food.

Amy can be reached at amy [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and Google+.

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Christin Bailey

Content Specialist


Christin Bailey is a San Diego native and lifelong writer. In 2014 Christin joined Thunder as a Content Specialist and works with the content team to produce, edit and write content. Previously she was a Marketing Coordinator for a small San Diego law firm, where she grew her experience with technical writing, content marketing and various CMS platforms. Christin believes in having fun with words, creating compelling content and aliens because they are definitely real. When she is not writing about herself in the third-person you can find me writing in second and first too.

Christin can be reached at christin [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Bree Tervort

Junior Graphic Designer


Bree Tervort graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2012, where she studied graphic design, photography, and advertising. But that’s not where Bree is from, she hails all the way from Charlotte, NC. Bree loves all things type, and says that she could sit on her computer and design for hours.

Bree loves traveling to new places & enjoys living in different places. She works part time at Quality Letterpress where she enjoys printing with old machines, meeting many designers in the area, and learning all she can.

In her free time Bree likes to do anything outdoors, photography, trying new things, exercising, and eating some good food. And if you ever need to take a trip across the country, Bree will be there to give you all the tips, as she has done it 9 times & would hop in the car to do it again tomorrow if she could.

Bree can be reached at bree [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can find her on Twitter and Google+.

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Michael Ward

Social Media Intern


Born and raised in San Diego, Michael Ward moved back to his hometown after spending the last two years in the UK, getting a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and helping start-up in London establish and develop their social media presence. This experience allowed Michael to discover his passion for marketing and social media.

After moving back to sunny San Diego, Michael wanted to grow his expertise in the marketing and social media world, and started interning for Thunder SEO in February 2014. He has been learning so much everyday through his co-workers and projects, and looks forward to learning as much as he can during his time at Thunder.

When he isn’t trying to become the next marketing and social media star, Michael can be found cheering on his favorite sports teams (San Diego Chargers, Padres, Arsenal FC, and Northwestern University Football). He also loves traveling, craft beer, golfing, and San Diego’s bounty of fine Mexican food.

Michael can be reached at michael [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Gretchen Stewart-Disch

Office Manager & Bookkeeper


Gretchen Stewart-Disch graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2003 with a B.A. in Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology. After failing to immediately become the next Indiana Jones, she moved to California to become a state park ranger. Budget cuts and hiring freezes conspired against her and she instead dabbled in dentistry, natural foods, and finally bookkeeping; she also owns her own successful Mary Kay business. She started working for Thunder in 2012 and is really excited to be part of the team.

When she’s not wrangling numbers or making people beautiful, Gretchen enjoys rock climbing, playing banjo, and hanging out with her dogs. A native of Green Bay, WI, she is a die-hard Cheesehead and can be found most Sundays watching football. Go Pack Go!

Gretchen can be reached at gretchen [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Former Thunder Cats

Rebecca Gelbart

Content Associate


After receiving her BA in Journalism from the University of Oregon in 2008, Rebecca Gelbart held editorial positions at magazines in New York City and worked as an Account Manager for a digital marketing agency in Seattle. In the fall of 2013, she returned home to Southern California and shifted back to her Journalism roots, joining the Thunder team as a Content Associate. She enjoys cooking, sewing, traveling and swimming (preferably in the ocean!). A voracious reader, her favorite way to spend downtime is on the beach, margarita in hand, with a good book.

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Mike Grant

Search & Social Media Specialist


Mike Grant is an entrepreneur, business owner, and twice published author. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations/Advertising from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mike moved to Boston and began his career in Multi-level Marketing. From movie promotions and magazine advertising to creating successful direct mail campaigns and non-profit fundraising, Mike’s keen eye for detail continues to convey his in-depth marketing knowledge and applies it daily.

While living in San Diego, Mike joined the Thunder Team in October 2008 as a Content Writer and came on board full time in December 2009 as an SEO Analyst and Content Writer, specializing in keyword content and research.

When Mike is not in the office, he can be found working on his next novel, hiking, working out, charity fundraising, and traveling the United States with a competitive men’s softball league.

Mike can be reached at mike [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Tatiana Torres

Search & Social Media Specialist

Tati Torres

Tatiana Torres is from Brazil where she graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in Business Administration with an associated degree in Marketing and Sales Management. For the past 8 years she has worked for some of the biggest technology companies as product marketing manager. She is definitely a marketing enthusiast, passionate for her job.

In 2011 as a savvy internet and social media user, she became a fan of social marketing and started a career shift. In June 2012 she packaged everything, including her sweet dog BanBan, and moved to San Diego looking for new challenges. She started working for Thunder in December 2012 as Search & Social Media Specialist, and is about to start her Marketing Certification Program at UCSD.

She is addicted to most TV shows and loves to read a really good book. In her free time, she likes to bake tasty brownies and experiment with new chocolate combinations. Outside Thunder’s office, you can find her trying new San Diegan restaurants.

Tatiana can be reached at tatiana [at] thunderseo [dot] com, or you can also follow her marketing ideas on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Annu Subramanian

Content Specialist

Annu Subramanian

Annu Subramanian, is a recent graduate of George Washington University with a degree in journalism and anthropology. At GW, Annu spent her time managing the school’s independent newspaper, The GW Hatchet, geeking out over linguistics, going running on the National Mall, exploring the city and occasionally sleeping. She will be spending Summer 2012 at Thunder SEO and absolutely loves her job and coworkers (including the canine ones).

Annu made her way to Thunder after reporting for start-up news org San Diego News Network for a summer and then the Financial Times for nearly a year, where she covered the Republican presidential primary the 2011 debt deal. She also served as The Hatchet’s opinions editor, where she was lucky to be able to say what was on her mind twice a week. Annu volunteers for the Power of Love Foundation, a nonprofit that offers innovative solutions to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, and she went to volunteer with and write about the organization last summer in Lusaka, Zambia.

If Annu could go anywhere in the world, she’d visit Portugal, Turkey and Tibet. She loves music, running, writing, black coffee, Nebraska football, March Madness, her dog Sampson and taco night.

Annu can be reached at annu [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Brian Skarin

Senior Search & Content Specialist

Brian Skarin

Brian Skarin joined the ThunderSEO team in the spring of 2011 as an in-house creative writer. Other than a background in Arts and Letters with a degree in Literature from SDSU, Brian brings a diverse range of interests and skills to assist the team in creating and developing top-notch content.

Before finding his way to Thunder, Brian put off college for a while and spent a year living out of a van with 4 friends in a touring rock band, worked in Hollywood as a creative consultant for a nationally televised reality program on the TruTV network, and surfed 10 foot waves across empty Mexican beaches. He gained the digital skills that led him to Thunder while editing a unique, interactive nomination blog for the largest philanthropic award show in the nation, the Classy Awards. The ever evolving world of SEO driven content and the collaborative, creative dynamic between the Thunder team keep each day fresh and exciting for the restless writer.

Outside of the ThunderSEO home base, Brian can usually be found surfing up and down the San Diego coastline, lounging with his boxer, Charlie, in their backyard of Ocean Beach, and developing a keen appreciation for San Diego’s stellar craft beers through vigorous, meticulous research.

Brian can be reached at brian [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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John Bertino

Director of Business Development

John Bertino

Native Philadelphian John Bertino heads up Thunder’s business development operation. John graduated from Rutger’s University in 2005 and brings with him an extensive background in online marketing and integrated marketing communications. Having previously worked in sales and marketing departments for companies outside of the online agency space, John knows firsthand the value of inbound lead generation and how a having a robust online presence is critical to the success of a company’s business development efforts.

John has developed and executed marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial start-ups. In developing said strategies, John has developed a proficiency for how to most efficiently and effectively utilize a client’s available resources without sacrificing the quality or impact of a marketing campaign. Furthermore, John recognizes that an upfront understanding of a prospective client’s business model, internal workflow and company objectives are all critical to achieving a successful client-vendor partnership that stands the test of time.

Outside of Thunder, you can often find John in one of two places: the best restaurants that San Diego and the greater soCal area have to offer… or at the gym working off those killer meals.

John can be reached at john [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Hutton Marshall

Content Intern

Hutton Marshall

Hutton Marshall, Thunder’s Content Marketing Intern, is in his senior year at San Diego State University studying English, political science and economics. A Texan native, Hutton moved to San Diego in 2009 to enjoy a much brighter environment, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. When he’s not at class, Hutton works as the managing editor for SDSU’s student newspaper, The Daily Aztec.

Hutton enjoys a healthy obsession with politics, writing and the online world. He loves combining the three with blogging, SEO and online media. He’s worked on local political campaigns; at the San Diego CityBeat, where he covered local politics; and he currently contributes weekly to an online publication covering local and national politics.

When he’s not working or writing—a rare occurrence—Hutton enjoys playing music (drums and guitar) with his friends. He also likes to get as close to the ocean as possible, spending most of his weekends in and around San Diego’s beachside neighborhoods. He’s also a very clumsy, amateur photographer, specializing in shooting live music and embarrassed friends.

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Amanda Record

Search & Social Media Specialist

Amanda Record

Amanda Record comes to Thunder SEO with a background in e-Commerce working for companies like,, and, where she was involved in optimizing Email Marketing, PPC and Social Media programs. Amanda also has a year of experience link building for web product websites where she employed a mixture of link acquiring techniques; she’s partial to guest blogging.

When she’s not in the office Amanda likes to catch the occasional local music show, post on her blog at, run in Balboa Park, and she makes it a point to eat at least 1 donut per week. But unlike the rest of the team she’s more of a wino than a beer lover.

Amanda can be reached at amanda [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Kevin Knecht

Search & Social Media Specialist

Kevin Knecht

Kevin Knecht graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 after transferring from Michigan State University. He received a B.S. in Business Marketing with a minor in Chinese Language. Having equally divided his time at both schools, he refers to himself as a “Spaztec.” Some of Kevin’s favorite college moments include studying abroad in China, tailgating for the football games, moving to California, and learning about SEO.

After making the transition into the “real world,” Kevin worked for an insurance agency in San Diego. While there, he made sure that he kept up with his marketing and was fortunate to find out about Thunder through a Craigslist ad. Kevin became a Thunder Cat in May 2011, and is eager to learn and absorb everything SEO like a rogue sponge. Currently, he is focused on supporting the Local Search and SEO campaigns at Thunder.

When Kevin is not in the office he enjoys the finer things that life has to offer. Like taking walks and music. You can hear his attempt at music at Warring States of Mind.

Kevin can be reached at kevin [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Chris Suppa

Search & Social Media Specialist

Chris Suppa

A native of Long Island New York, Christopher Suppa graduated from Queens College in the Fall of 2010, where he double majored in English and Media Studies. Prior to working at Thunder SEO, Christopher worked as an Assistant Supervisor and Video Editor in the Broadcast Operations department at Neulion, whose clients included the NFL, NHL and NBA to name a few. Throughout college, Christopher kept himself busy working part time at Square One Publishers, reading, watching and making films, occasionally trying to write and learning guitar, banjo, ukulele and lap steel guitar.  However, unlike other Thunder team members, Christopher’s music is for an audience of one.

Moving to San Diego in November of this past year, Christopher was fortunate to join the Thunder team as a SEO/SMM Intern, and is eager to develop a skill set in the field. In the mean time, Christopher is enjoying all the west coast has to offer, including Fish Tacos and Horchata.

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Gary Magnone

Director of Business Development

Gary Magnone

Gary Magnone graduated from San Diego State University in 2008 with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. Through college, Gary worked as a marketing assistant for a busy real estate team in Los Angeles, eventually obtaining his California real estate license and becoming the team’s buyer’s agent. He also gained extensive experience in restaurant and bar hospitality as well as customer service through his work at a popular restaurant chain.

After graduation, Gary went to work at a local SEO company, which quickly grew his interest and passion for internet marketing. After honing his skills at his own internet start-up, Gary joined Thunder SEO in March of 2010. His favorite aspects of working at Thunder include the hands-on involvement in SEO, the growing impact of social media on traditional online campaigns, and interacting with the other members of Thunder’s bright and energetic team.

When not in the office, Gary enjoys sports, tasting craft beer and wine, cooking, playing music, and spending time with family.

Gary can be reached at gary [at] thunderseo [dot] com

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Mike Fogarty

Search & Social Media Specialist

Mike Fogarty

Mike Fogarty graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Business Marketing and a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications. While at San Diego State University he was active in the American Marketing Association, holding the position of Vice President of Programming for the 2010 Spring Semester. He also was a founding member of the TOMS Shoes Campus Club, a DJ at the on-campus radio station and studied abroad in England.

During Mike’s last semester at San Diego State University he interned at a local digital marketing agency, where he learned and grew substantially. The experience cemented his passion for internet marketing. Mike started interning at Thunder SEO in May 2010 and is currently focusing on supporting the SEO, Local Search, and SMO efforts at Thunder.

An avid gamer and a fresh face to San Diego’s home brewing culture you can be sure to find Mike enjoying the local craft beer scene, brewing his own beer, or catching up on the latest video game at home. He’s still keeping up with KCR, hosting a weekly radio show and is always up for a spontaneous adventure.

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Kate Huebler

Search & Social Media Intern

Kate Huebler

Kate graduated from San Diego State Univeristy Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science and a participant of Qualcomm’s Information Communication Technology Honor’s Program. To satisfy her love of languages and traveling, she earned a minor in Spanish while studying abroad in Madrid and exploring Europe. During college she used social media to help her manage a volunteer club and a political campaign, and she decided to turn this interest into a career. She joined’s Santa Barbara City College’s marketing team to manage their social media channels, create YouTube videos, write blog posts, and answer student’s questions.

In September 2011 she joined Thunder SEO as marketing intern, to pursue her passion of social media and explore the world of SEO.

When she’s not learning cool new online marketing tricks, she spends time meeting new people, taking photos, making videos, or just kicking back with her friends.

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Natalie Keshlear

Search & Social Media Specialist

Natalie Keshlear

Natalie Keshlear graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Communication and a specialization in Spanish and English. Natalie competed on the Division I rowing team during her time at University as well as playing on the club volleyball team and being involved with Aztec Adventures. In the summer of 2010 Natalie got the opportunity to study abroad and indulge her love of travel by studying in Madrid, Spain, allowing her travel to Portugal, Germany, the UK and all over Spain.

Natalie started interning for Thunder SEO in October of 2009 and specializes in content writing and social media marketing.

During her free time Natalie volunteers for Outdoor Outreach, a program that empowers at-risk and underprivileged youth to make positive, lasting changes in their lives through comprehensive outdoor programming. She also has a deep love for music and worked for the San Diego radio station 91x before and during her time at Thunder SEO, also operating her own music blog at the bang pop.

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Bekka Palmer

Senior Search & Social Media Specialist | Webmaster

Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer graduated from Seattle University in 2008 with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Since then she spent some time at a San Diego web design firm and is now at Thunder SEO full time as an SEO Manager and Webmaster. Bekka specializes in SEO and is particularly interested in combining her knowledge of web design with on-page optimization along with utilizing analytics to increase conversions. Bekka also maintains two blogs outside of the office, minted condition, covering style+design and Running More than Miles about her running adventures.

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