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Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer graduated from Seattle University in 2008 with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Since then she spent some time at a San Diego web design firm and is now at Thunder SEO full time as an SEO Manager and Webmaster. Bekka specializes in SEO and is particularly interested in combining her knowledge of web design with on-page optimization along with utilizing analytics to increase conversions. Bekka also maintains two blogs outside of the office, minted condition, covering style+design and Running More than Miles about her running adventures.

Tumblr or Google+ vs. Self-Hosted Blogs


Gary and Bekka (with Kevin moderating) from Thunder SEO discuss the pros and cons of using Tumblr or Google Plus (G+) for your blog content versus using a self-hosted blog such as WordPress or…
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Evergreen Content, which should really be called Deciduous Content


Last week, I saw Rand Fishkin speak at Interactive Day San Diego about how inbound marketing is an unfair advantage. To be honest, most of the material is not new to me, but he did remind me about some things that we aren’t doing for our clients that we should. One of the easier ones to implement, but too often overlooked is the idea of Evergreen Content.
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More than the sum of their parts: 5 SEO Tools that work better together


I’ll admit, you can do good SEO without fancy tools. However, when you are at an agency managing multiple SEO accounts and have keywords, links and blog posts flying through your head all day you really need some tools to help with efficiency. I have found a set of tools I work with every day that practically do my job for me. Each of these tools is good all on its own, but together they make a killer SEO combo. 

1. Firefox with a few Add-ons

What is it good for? To find issues with websites & on-page optimization.
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Book Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets


I just finished Danny Dover & Erik Dafforn‘s new book Search Engine Optimization Secrets last night. I must say, “Wow!” This is the single most thorough resource to take an SEO from beginner to intermediate/advanced overnight. He has listed some major gems in the book; I have bookmarked nearly 20 pages that contain little tricks I wasn’t aware of until now.
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Rand Fishkin’s InfusionCon Presentation and Post-Panda UGC


Presenter and SEO-ambassador extraordinaire Rand Fishkin uploaded his SEO presentation for InsuionCon early this week. Consise, insightful and cutting-edge as always, his presentation covers the 10 basic steps to great SEO, and illustrates these…
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Heading to SearchFest: What I Plan on Learning


I am so stoked to be heading to Portland with Gary and Monique next week for SearchFest. Why?

1. I love Portland.
2. I want to reenact some scenes from Portlandia.
3. I love meeting new people in the search sphere.
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Ranking Reports Obsolete + How to Prioritize Guest Blogging Prospects


Ohh Conrad Saam, you are amazing. Last year, Max attended (and spoke!) at SMX East, and was super inspired by Conrad’s presentation about rank reports. So much in fact that we changed the entire…
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Happy New Year!


 Happy New Year!

I wanted to take a quick moment to share our SEO holiday poetry and wish everyone a prosperous 2011!

May your tweets be sweet,
And search find you first.
May your local be vocal,
Your fan page all the rage,
And your site and bright light!
Here’s to good cheer in the New Year!

From the Thunder SEO team!
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3 Things You Should do to Right NOW for Success in Google Places!


With all of the changes to SERPs for searches with local intent, you not only need to be concerned with ranking, but also in how your place page looks when a visitor lands there. The following tips may seem like no-brainers, but a number of top local listings fail to deliver on their place page. The better optimized your place page, the better luck you will have converting a searcher into an actual customer.
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Implementing hCard for Local Search


What is an hCard?

hCard microformat is not it’s own programming language, rather, it’s HTML that is appended to certain snippets of information to tell computers “Hey this is a person’s name,” or other commonly published attributes such as an address, review, event, blog post, or phone number. An hCard is technically a virtual business card for a particular person, but for local search you can use it to denote a business location.
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