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We take a holistic look at Social Media strategy including blogging, Twitter, Facebook and industry specific social networks to come up with a campaign that works for you.

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Thunder SEO has extensive experience in creating and implementing local search campaigns for single location, regional and nationwide businesses.


Our company has been working with web designers and internet marketing people for over 10 years....

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Max Thomas


Max Thomas, Thunder’s founder and president, was early to the Web, starting his first online ecommerce venture in 1997. Since then he has a proven track-record of developing online and search marketing strategies for building online audiences and sustainable revenue for clients.

With over 20 years direct experience across multiple market segments including ecommerce, online newspapers, health services, consumer goods and travel/leisure, Max has managed online and offline advertising campaigns for companies such as,,,,, Sheraton Hotels, Chemical Bank and Bankers Trust.

Part Kaw, Max’s tribal name is Lomanyin, which translates as “walking thunder”, hence the name of Thunder SEO. Max is a 5-finger runner who enjoys long trail runs and hikes anywhere in the world. Max is also blessed to have shared his life for 18 years now with his life partner Gabriel Masson. Originally from Louisiana, Max and Gabe moved to sunny San Diego from NYC.

Max has a B.A. from Columbia University and a M.B.A. from Yale University’s School of Management.

Say “hi” to Max on Twitter, and Instagram.

Knowledge Graph Deep Dive: The Impact On SERPs, Adwords & Other Questions



Reading Dr. Pete’s epic post on 101 Knowledge Graph answer box queries, as well as his post on when the Knowledge Graph exploded, I was excited. Naturally, I jumped on my computer and tried…
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Founder's Corner #6: Are You Surviving Or Thriving?


Founder's Corner

Survive vs thrive. I think we all have a general idea of what that means. Whether we’re talking about an organization, a team or even ourselves, we all know how to function in a…
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Can You Feel It? There’s A Rumbling From San Diego (And Beyond) Headed To Seattle


SEOmoz Mozinar

MozCon 2013 is the second time Thunder has held an internal contest to select who will participate in an important interactive marketing conference. One of the most wonderful aspects (for which I am so…
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Founder's Corner #5: Being Creative in an Environment of Speed


Founder's Corner

Last month, I talked about the qualities in people that we value at Thunder: Smart, Doing and Passion. In this month's Founder's Corner, I talk about a fourth and very key element: Creativity. Let's…
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Founder's Corner #4: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Founder's Corner

This month, we're trying out video for my Founder's Corner post. We figured it's such an important topic that we should use an equally compelling medium. So what's this month's Founder's Corner all about?…
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Reporting Made Easy: Using Google Sites For Awesome Impact



If you send reports to your clients, you’ve probably gotten the question: Do you have a report that shows the most important metrics for campaign progress? Likewise, if you use Google Analytics, then you’ve…
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Measuring What Matters: What’s the Real ROI of Social Media?



Social media is still grossly misunderstood by marketers and executives. I believe we've all seen wide variations in how well a company understands the impact of social media on their marketing and, even more…
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Founder's Corner #3: Ask For Help


Founder's Corner

With the monthly newsletter deadline getting closer, I was sorting through several ideas for May's Founder’s Post. From thoughts on volunteering, to the impact of well-organized meetings, I was vacillating on what would be…
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Maximizing Campaign Profitability at Thunder SEO


thumbnail-02 (1)

Back in February, we conducted a thorough internal time audit of how everyone at Thunder spent their on time on Thunder, clients, campaigns and nearly everything in-between. The goal was to determine how we…
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Founder's Corner #2: Five Things I Can Do Right Now


Founder's Corner

Building a business or accomplishing anything takes focus. It also takes ongoing work. Sometimes the reality of ongoing work can take over and we lose focus. Personally, I know this has happened when I…
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