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Mike Fogarty

Mike Fogarty

Mike Fogarty graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Business Marketing and a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications. While at San Diego State University he was active in the American Marketing Association, holding the position of Vice President of Programming for the 2010 Spring Semester. He also was a founding member of the TOMS Shoes Campus Club, a DJ at the on-campus radio station and studied abroad in England.

During Mike’s last semester at San Diego State University he interned at a local digital marketing agency, where he learned and grew substantially. The experience cemented his passion for internet marketing. Mike started interning at Thunder SEO in May 2010 and is currently focusing on supporting the SEO, Local Search, and SMO efforts at Thunder.

An avid gamer and a fresh face to San Diego’s home brewing culture you can be sure to find Mike enjoying the local craft beer scene, brewing his own beer, or catching up on the latest video game at home. He’s still keeping up with KCR, hosting a weekly radio show and is always up for a spontaneous adventure.

Thunder Asks San Diego: What is SEO?


The latter half of this week has been rather quiet in the Thunder office. Gary, Bekka, and Monique have been gaining knowlege up at MozCon in Sunny Seattle. So instead of our normal Boom,…
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An Unexpected Side Effect of Tweeting


While compiling reports at the beginning of this month, I came across a few interesting jumps in numbers for one of my clients, an e-commerce site. Looking at Webmaster Tools’ keyword occurrence breakdown, I saw an almost unbelievable jump: the top 20 keywords saw an average increase of 263% in the number of times they appeared within the site. This was quite curious, as there had been no real change in the site architecture or addition of pages to account for such a huge increase in numbers.
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“You’d Be A Fool Not To Fool” | April Fool’s Day Link Building


Two weeks ago I experienced my first April Fools as an SEO. This year, unlike last year, I knew ahead of time & excitedly kept an eye out for any & all tomfoolery I could find. After spending a decent amount of time through out the day searching, reading & seeing the sheer volume of pranks being pulled across the web.
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Social Media in Natural Disasters


Social media is without a doubt changing how we communicate & it has been for sometime. From keeping in contact with friends, interacting with companies, donating to charities, sharing information, consuming media, & getting up to the second news updates from around the world. It was and still is pivotal in the uprising throughout the Middle East as the world get the news nearly instantaneously from those living it.
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Thoughts on Blog Commenting from an SEO


After reading Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz post on “Recommendations for Blog Commenting as a Marketing Strategy” it got me thinking of how I approach blog comments and how it adds value.
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Dealing with an Impostor URL


 So you just found out your new client, who has a new brand & new site, has a fairly big problem with brand name search results: There’s a defamatory 3rd party blog that uses your client’s brand in the url, lets call this "," & this blog is posing as a ripoff report announcement in order to divert customers from the brand. Upon further investigation you find links in forums that suggest going to the “Credible” competitor’s site after linking to the defamatory blog & making a bogus claim.
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Social Media & Craft Beer – How It’s Changing The Way We Drink


In the past few years social media and craft brewing have seen a huge increase in both attention and use. Social media is allowing companies and customers to connect in a new, non traditional way. Which allows for very direct and almost instantaneous exchange of information that both sides love and it’s free. As such it seems fitting that Craft Brewers, Micro Brewers, Nano Brewers, etc.
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Stickybits – The Newest Addition to Your Social Media Tool Box


Internet Week 2010 is in full swing in New York City and Pepsi Co, wanting to show their social media and internet savvy, will be hiding videos, pictures and links on the UPC bar codes of their products. Users can take pictures of the bar codes using a smartphone app, view the content and then have the ability to tag their own content on to the bar code. After they tag their own video to the bar code, who ever scans it next will see their content as well the original content.
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